We have taken the following security measures to ensure that you can use our services safely and securely.

Counter Measures


Countermeasures against vulnerabilities

An external research organization conducts vulnerability assessments on a regular basis for VietnamFactory, and new vulnerabilities are discovered and addressed on a regular basis.


Communication encryption

All Internet communication between users and services is encrypted with SSL or TLS. In addition, encrypted communication with TLS 1.1 or lower is refused so that the website can be used safely. As a result, it may be inaccessible from older operating systems and browsers.


Measures by network equipment

Firewall IPS WAF
A firewall is a device that protects your system from unauthorized access. The firewall allows only the minimum required ports, and measures are taken against unauthorized exploration and unauthorized port scanning. IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) is a system that detects and blocks unauthorized intrusions into the system, which is called an intrusion prevention system. WAF (Web Application Firewall) is a security measure that protects websites from attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in web applications. Like IPS, it detects and blocks unauthorized access.


Data encryption

We use the storage encryption function to encrypt all the stored data. In addition, confidential data such as passwords is encrypted by the system before being saved. These measures prevent information leakage even if the storage device is stolen or unauthorised access to data occurs.

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